Puppy Training and Behavior Services

Puppy Private Training

Bull Terrier PuppyYou’ve welcomed a puppy to your home – congratulations! 

We’re so happy you’re seeking training now, while your puppy is a little learning sponge. This is also an important time in your puppy’s development for socialization. 

By helping him become comfortable and confident through positive interactions with the sights, sounds, and experiences in the environment, your puppy will have a greater chance of maturing into an emotionally stable adult dog.

We’ll also lay the foundation for a puppy you can enjoy now and throughout his entire lifetime by helping you tackle undesirable, common puppy behaviors like nipping, chewing, housetraining issues, jumping up, and more and replacing those unwanted behaviors with more desirable ones.

Our goal is to show you how to address these issues and get on with having fun with your four-legged addition to the family. 

How it works

  • All puppy training begins with a 90-minute Initial consult, which is $165.
  • We begin by meeting you and your puppy at your home, then assess and discuss your training goals that fit you and your family’s lifestyle. 
  • Some management strategies along with basic training techniques will be introduced to help you get started with changing your puppy’s unwanted behaviors.
  • We then help you choose the training option best for you and your puppy’s needs – one that is doable and fun!
  • If you choose to continue with training, personalized sessions will be billed at the rate of $135/one-hour session. Discounts are available for packages of four (4) or more sessions. (All sessions in a package must be used within five months of purchase.)

Off To a Great Start Coaching Option - We teach you how to train your puppy

  • We’ll meet once each week in your home to show you how to teach your puppy new behaviors
  • Homework practice will be provided after each session with detailed handouts. 

Off To a Great Start Day Training Option - We do the training for you

Our day training package is a great option for you if your schedule is filled to the brim with work responsibilities, kids and their activities, or a combination of both! 

  • We come to your home several times a week to train your puppy. 
  • At the end of each training week, we meet and show you what your puppy has learned, and how you can continue to strengthen your puppy’s newly learned behaviors and apply them to your real-life situations.
  • We provide homework practice after each session with detailed handouts.