Behavior Modification for Dogs Displaying Aggressive or Reactive Behaviors

Dogs are often labeled as aggressive or reactive. Labels can be misleading and even detrimental, especially when making broad generalizations referring to a dog’s behavior. Instead, discussing a dog’s behavior in specific contexts can be much more constructive.

For example, a leash-reactive dog can display barking and lunging behavior towards another dog as a means of trying to keep the strange dog from coming closer. The dog who barks and lunges at a visitor in the home is often attempting to keep the person at a distance.

From the dog’s perspective, he is understandably trying to make the scary thing go away. However, these behaviors can be, at the least, frustrating and embarrassing and at the worst, frightening and harmful.

growling terrier dog

Aggression/Reactivity on Leash

Does your dog lunge and bark at other dogs and people when out for a walk? Are you embarrassed, anxious or scared about his behavior? 

It doesn’t need to be this way. We can work with you and your dog, helping him learn to stay calm and look at you instead of barking and lunging when seeing a dog or person.

scared pomeranian

Aggression/Reactivity in Your Home

When the doorbell rings or the mailman comes to the door, does your dog bark wildly and lunge at the door? When family or guests come to your house for dinner, do you worry that your dog may bite someone?

With our help, we can work together to help modify your dog’s reactive behavior.

How it works

  • All training begins with a 90-minute Initial consult, which is $165.
  • We begin by meeting you and your dog at your home, then assess and discuss your training goals that fit you and your family’s lifestyle. 
  • Some safety management strategies along with basic training techniques will be introduced to first, keep everyone safe, and then help get you started on changing your dog’s behavior.
  • We then help you choose the training option best for you and your dog’s needs.
  • If you choose to continue with training, personalized sessions will be billed at the rate of $135/one-hour session. Discounts are available for packages of four (4) or more sessions. (All sessions in a package must be used within five months of purchase.)

Reactivity Coaching Option – We teach you how to work with your dog

  • We’ll meet once each week in your home to show you how to teach your dog new behaviors
  • Homework practice will be provided after each session with detailed handouts. 

Reactivity Day Training Option – We do the training for you

  • We come to your home several times a week, to train your dog.
  • After each training week, we’ll show you the progress your dog has made and how to maintain his newly learned and modified behaviors.
  • This option is recommended for busy dog owners who prefer to have their dog’s training done for them. 
  • The appropriateness of this training package will be assessed during our consult as it may not be suitable for all reactivity types.