Positive Interactions Client Testimonials

“My dog Scarlette and I are and were very fortunate to find Colleen as our trainer. When Scarlette was 4 months old we attended Colleen's puppy kindergarten class. From there we attended a Finding Focus 6 week session and did private lessons for loose leash walking and other behavior concerns (ie., barking ). As a new puppy/dog parent, Colleen gave me so many tools to use. Instead of being a frustrated dog parent, I have skills I can use to make my time with my dog enjoyable. One of the skills I learned, and there are many, is the ability to redirect your dog with commands such as " go find it" or" look at me" or "this way" when we are out and about. The use of simple commands for me has helped my dog become a great walking companion and a dog that behaves well socially. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, highly skilled dog trainer I recommend Colleen. You'll be so glad that you found her.”
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"We added a second dog to our "pack" following Lucky's owner-surrender to a local rescue. At the time he was just a little over 1 years old and was a bit too much energy for his elderly owners. We wanted to support his growth and development and started working with Colleen for training. We were really at square one and Lucky has made so much progress-- he responds to his name, has mastered basic commands, and has become much more manageable on leash walks. She has also helped us with resources and coaching as we welcomed our first tiny 2 legged member to the family. Colleen is a consummate professional-- her credentials and expertise are second to none and she brings a tremendous wealth of experience. She is a true animal lover and her passion for dogs shines. We highly recommend Colleen for all of your dog training needs."
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"Colleen is a first-rate dog trainer who relies solely on positive reinforcement. She is kind and gentle and my dogs Lucy and Ellie adore her. She worked with us to improve loose-leash walking skills (while I walk the two simultaneously) and also addressed Lucy's leash aggression. I followed her training instructions and our walks are now so much more pleasurable! I can also now walk Lucy by other dogs without any reactivity."
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“I would highly recommend Colleen, very caring and professional. She has helped our family with both training and anxiety issues with our rescue pups. Always keeps in contact making sure our pups are making progress. Excellent trainer !”
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“I have a “feisty, spirited” flat coat retriever who gets very excitable around other dogs and people making him difficult to walk on a leash. Colleen was patient and kind doing behavioral exercises with us, even bringing her own dog and son along to help in the process. My dog is still a work in progress but Colleen’s guidance was certainly helpful to me.”
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“After rescuing my second dog, I found I was really struggling to now walk two somewhat large dogs who were pulling me along on their leashes, especially when other dogs came along. Colleen spent a great deal of time learning about my dogs even before she came for the initial consult. From the very first day working with her, we (me and my dogs) were transformed! Colleen is dedicated, professional, caring, kind, and an absolute lover of all dogs. She provided me with the skills, the tools, and the direction to move forward with confidence in walking my dogs happily. And the result has been phenomenal!”
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“Colleen was recommended to me after my pup was displaying behavioral issues I had never been exposed to. Basics training classes were inadequate in helping me handle her specific behaviors. I felt overwhelmed I wouldn’t be able to keep my pup. Insert Colleen. She worked one on one with me and Chloe and really helped me realize how I could be an advocate for her and change my approach and outlook to help Chloe handle high stress (to her) situations. Colleen understood Chloe and her needs and she quickly and easily helped me to better understand what Chloe needed. I’m forever grateful to Colleen for the knowledge and care she provided me and Chloe during an extremely tough time.”
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“As a Veterinarian, I take care of dogs from puppyhood through their senior years. But when I got my first puppy in over 20 years, I decided to enroll in Puppy Kindergarten. The classes strengthened my (and my daughter’s) bond with our new puppy, and gave us confidence in training and dealing with his unwanted behaviors in a positive manner. We loved the classes so much that we enrolled in additional classes for him, and repeated the Kindergarten with our next puppy, Thanks Colleen for helping us navigate through puppyhood!”
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Adrienne Rodgers, DVM
“Colleen came to us after we tried another much praised trainer that simply did not work for us. We were so impressed with her level of professionalism. She listened to what we needed, made positive suggestions and followed up by sending us a summary after every visit. She added videos to show us particular steps for any exercise. Colleen arrived with a written lesson plan the she checked off as the session progressed; she brought examples of materials we could use and even shared some of her own.

Colleen made a difference in how we were able to interact with our high anxiety dog. We have recommended her to neighbors and will continue to do so. Thank you, Colleen, for all your support. ”
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Kip Malloy